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Jungle. The Heat.

Gandee Vasan Photography.

 BAC Mono McLaren P1 Collection 2014.

Marisa Olson, “Noise Pollution”.

Matthew Schultz ‘Embrace’ Burning Man 2014.

Eduardo Souto Moura Architect. Prédio Cantareira . Porto. 

Steven Holl Architects . JM Architects . Glasgow School of Art.

Squall.  perininavi.itenfleetsailing-yachtssquall  INTERNO_02 copia Rémi Tessier. Dubois

Margje Teeuwen & Erwin Zwiers Proplamp.

A lamp made from a biodegradable non-woven material that you can ‘crush’ to tailor-make your own design.

Faceted House 1 by , Paul McAneary Architects. Hammersmith, London.