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Verner Panton ‘Wonderlamp’, model no. TYP H, c. 1970.  

Produced by J. Lüber, Switzerland.

 Mario Cravo Neto. Luciana.

BMC Mini beach car. 

Fovam ter Szent Gellert ter metrostations, Budapest, spora architects.

Tai & Architectural Design, Tsai Residence. Taipei.

Dinn by Alessandro Zambelli. Diamantini&Domeniconi.

ION Hotel by Minarc. Nesjavellir, Iceland.

Batmobile Garage.

From the 1966 Adam West TV series to the Zack Snyder One to appear in 2016 Batman vs Superman.

Nike Concept Plane Cabin For NBA Pro Athletes.

Nike & Studio Teague, Seattle.

Andrew Kudless. P Wall. Commissioned by SFMOMA.